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Locking wheel nut removal service

We are locking wheel nut removal specialists operating throughout the midlands. We are able to remove problem wheel nuts 100% of the time regardless of the tightness of the bolt. Whether you have just bought a new car or it is now time to replace your wheels, we can ensure a speedy service without damaging the alloys.

To ensure that we remove the wheel nuts from your vehicle quickly and safely we employ tried and tested techniques. There are other specialists in the area, but we often hear from customers who have been unable to get their wheel nuts removed elsewhere.

In most instances, trying to remove a high torqued nut can cause serious damage. We take the utmost care with your vehicle and remove the locking wheel nut without causing any damage whatsoever.

What is a Locking Wheel Nut ?

A Locking wheel nut/bolt is a security device fitted to your vehicle to protect expensive alloy wheels from being stolen. When your alloy wheel has to be removed a unique adapter/key is used to release the locknut. This adaptor/key can become lost; is sometimes not supplied with the vehicle; damaged by being incorrectly used, or broken if the locknuts have been over-tightened, making it impossible to remove your wheel.

We are here to help you remove these locking wheel nuts without causing any damage to your alloys. We stock a large range of replacement wheel nuts and bolts for most makes and models too.

Our Expertise and specialist tools means that customers and motor trade professionals make us their first port of call for locking wheel nut removal in Birmingham.

If you would like our assistance you can call us today on 0777 6231952 or fill-in our super simple Contact Us For A Quote Form.