Renault megan Mike from Hagley – 2 other garages who wanted to cut the wheel off. After a visit to us the offending wheel nut was removed within 10 minutes

“Fantastic professional service. Called them first thing in the morning. They gave me a fair quote and explained what they would be able to do. They came out a few hours later. The job was done to a high standard and in a timely manner. I would be happy to use these guys as my go-to service again. Very happy customer!” ~ Daniel

“I arrived early, but John was already waiting for me. No hassle, no fuss and the wheel locking nuts were removed within 10, mins. Its was so nice to deal with such a professional and the price was very reasonable considering the time I’d spent the day before just getting one out. All I can say in retrospect is, if your in the position I was, went to VW (we don’t do a master) looked on eBay for a key and looked at so called removal tools for high security bolts (rotating ring) Just bite the bullet and give John a call.” ~ Stephen

“Was having trouble getting my locking wheel nuts off of my Focus. Even tried using the locking nut key with powerful impact drills to no avail. Tried another ‘Lock nut removal specialist’, and through they gave it a good shot, the locking nuts remained unmoved.

That’s when the following day (Today) I took the car to this place. Within 2 minutes of the car arriving, the most troublesome wheel nut was removed with no damage to the alloy nor the wheel stud. Couldn’t have been more impressed with how easy it seemed to be removed.” ~ Kieran

“Amazing service: I had called the breakdown service, who were unable to fit the spare wheel on my Renault Modus. So I called John – he and his colleague arrived very soon after and sorted it out in minutes. Reasonable rates, friendly and supportive, very impressed” ~ Margo

“Superb service, quick efficient and sorted out the problem with no troubles. 100% recommend him. Rang him came the same day as he had time available kept me informed on times he was due and was also prompt on time got straight to it and sorted out getting my broken alloy locking nut out, then the other 3 ask the locking nut key had broke too and provide 4 replacement bolts.” ~ Local Guide

“Sorted our wheel nuts super quickly and efficiently. John was great. Would thoroughly recommend A++” ~ Caroline

“I was in need to get locking nuts removed, but eventually found locking nut in a hidden panel,I spoke to this company and he was prepared to come out to me tonight, rang me to say he was running late waiting for a customer, I will recommend this company to anyone, 5 stars is not enough in my opinion” ~ Steve

“Same day mobile service
Removed locking nuts without causing any damage
Replaced with new set
Very fast & done with care
Was unable to get it to garage so was visited at home
10/10” ~ DS

“Had a flat tyre on M42 and what a time and place to realise that my locking wheel nut can’t be removed when AA arrived to help me. They even tried their special tools to remove the locking wheel nut but they failed. So I was have to pay for recovery truck to take me and my car to the garage of choice. Luckily I have chosen to go to Locking Wheelnut Removal Service in Hollywood Trading Estate Birmingham. John the owner is a really great person and very helpful one. He dealt with the broken locking wheel nut in no time. He also helped me with other three wheels for full peace of mind. Less than 10 minutes all wheels were done and my car was back on the road. Couldn’t recommend him more. I would give him 10 stars if I could. Thanks John” ~ Adrian

“I had a situation where on my previous service they’d not replaced my locking wheel nut key. Ford gave me a load of spiel about damaging my tires and endless combinations of locking wheel nut and how intensive the removal process was. They couldn’t see me for weeks meaning I wouldn’t be able to use my car. Despite the fact I had a nail in my tyre, I would still have to get it to ford and they’d need it for at least half a day meaning booking time off work so I called John. Within around two hours he had been to my house, removed the old locking wheel nuts and replaced them for me. All for less than ford had quoted me and with no fuss at all. Really friendly guy couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Thankyou!” ~ Katie

“John came and he was a great guy, very friendly got my locking wheel nuts off in ten minutes. Would highly recommend you. Thank you” ~ Victoria

“John was an absolute life saver today coming out to remove a locking wheel nut after I’d had a puncture and stripped the locking key trying to get it off myself. Really friendly guy, and a professional service. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation” ~ Rich

“After exhausting all my options in trying to get the locking wheel bolts off my car, including lots of local garages and going to the main dealership, by chance I found this company on the Internet, and I am SO SO GLAD that I did. After a one hour drive, John, the owner, got my locking wheel bolts off in a matter of minutes, absolutely brilliant service. It cost me £40 and it was well worth it. I wish I had found John in the first place, it would have saved me a lot of time and effort. I would wholeheartedly recommend this company to everyone, and I certainly will tell people about them if they have a problem with their locking bolts. THANK YOU SO MUCH JOHN, YOU’RE A LIFESAVER!!!!” ~ Robert

“4 locking nuts and 16 v/tight nuts 40 mins 100% happy thanks John” ~ John

“John came out withing half an hour it took him 10 mins to sort out absoloute legend 👍” ~ Jordan

“Called the guy he came out within 30 mins removed my locking key nuts within 5 mins and changed my tyre great service friendly guy and very reasonable prices definitely recommend!” ~ Tom

“Fantastic job – and cheap at half the price! Received a very friendly welcome and a professional job, well done. I know I couldn’t have removed the lock nuts myself and John provided a great service – no damage or scratches to the wheels and advised on the correct wheel nuts to use as replacements. I highly recommend him. Thanks John!” ~ Malc

“John is an absolute expert, extremely helpful and professional. Citroën dealers couldn’t remove the locking nuts, John did it in no time.” ~ InHome Estates Ltd

“John was super helpful. Fit me in straightaway and removed 4 locknuts that 2 garages couldn’t remove. The garages said they would need to be drilled out and John removed them with no bother without the need for drilling” ~ CMangenrty

“Excellent service from John called him in the morning around 11 fitted me in at 1pm. Had the locking nut off my BMW within 15 mins after elsewhere did a botched job.

Highly recommended and excellent service.” ~ Kamran

“Excellent service from John called him in the morning around 11 fitted me in at 1pm. Had the locking nut off my BMW within 15 mins after elsewhere did a botched job.

Highly recommended and excellent service.” ~ Kamran

“Excellent service. Very fair price. Had locking wheel bolts out in 15 minutes and replaced with regular bolts. He knows what he is doing and i would advise anyone to don’t even try anywhere else – my vehicle was a Citroen and they are apparently more difficult than most and some places won’t even try or they will suggest welding something to the bolt – no need to bother. Top bloke!” ~ Stephen

“I’d bought a car and it had the wrong wheel nut key in it so couldn’t get the wheels off. Took John around 15 mins to get all for wheel nuts off and replace them with normal nuts. All very pleasant, straightforward and easy. I’d definitely recommend if you end up in a similar situation.” ~ Simon

“Came here after a recommendation from a week known tyre fitting place. John was brilliant with phone communication and the service provided. Had an issue with getting the locking nuts off my car but John got it off in no time despite the problems the garage had. Recommended without a doubt” ~ Mitesh

“Locking wheel nut removal services.
I called John in quite a dilemma…I need my van daily for work, especially in the current crisis… my tyre was in desperate need of replacement.
I was able to drive to his premises at short notice, in less than 3 minutes he had solved the sheared locking wheel nut, removed it also replacing it with a standard wheel nut.. what a big relief indeed..
A very professional and pleasant manner with excellent rates too, thank you so much…” ~ Eugene

“Came over today at short notice and John was fantastic. Sorted two locking wheel nuts on my BMW in less than half an hour, was nice to my toddler son who had come with me – the whole experience was spot on. No fussy, no drama. I’d recommend John’s service to anyone.” ~ First Formula

“It was a pleasure meeting John today to remove a pair of locking nuts off my BMW 5 series that were particularly problematic. He has a friendly and flexible approach to the service he provides and was fully transparent with pricing from the start. It is clear John has the right knowledge, skills and equipment to be able to do the job properly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a similar service. It was well worth the hour of driving to visit his workshop.” ~ PR IV

“Three stuck locking wheel nuts, one broken key and garage suggesting the only solution was to drill out the bolts. However, Just Tyres in Solihull passed me Johns details so I gave him a call. He could see me straight away so a short drive to John’s base and 20 minutes in his imaculate workshop and all three nuts were removed without damage to the wheels or nuts. Highly reccomended.” ~ Gavin

“Perfect service – took about 6 minutes to complete the removal of my sheared peugeot locking wheel nut. Cost £30 for the removal, I was quoted £83 for the same service elsewhere (ask for quotes elsewhere and compare for yourself)!. Great job, thankyou.” ~ Paul

“My mechanic could not get the locking wheel nuts off as the key was slightly damaged and recommended the dealership who managed to remove only 3 out of the 4. I was advised the remaining nut was stuck and had to be drilled out and would take 3hours to do the job at £150/hour. Searched the internet for my options and called “Locking wheel nut removal” at 9am and drove in at about 9:50am. Was met with one lovely lad, John, who immediately assured that he would remove the nut and immediately asked for the toilet whilst he got to the job. By the time I was back in about 4-5mins, he was done and the nut was out for £20 and was back in my house at 10:20am. Wonderful job and really happy with the service and a no brainer I would strongly recommend. Very professional, and the right place for locking wheel nut removals.” ~ Tafadzwa

“Great, £60 for all four locking wheel nuts to be removed. I decided to just turn up to the garage and i was seen straight away. The guy was so friendly and was very quick. Yes you can buy tools to do this but for a one time thing, i think the price is more than reasonable. Another garage i got some other work done was a bit amazed at the price, the service just makes it better” ~ Ian

“Had trouble removing three of my locking BMW nuts due to overtightening and wear on the removal key from a previous owner/dealer.
Several local garages tried the bash-bash approach to no avail.
John removed all three within half hour with zero damage to my alloys. Great service, highly recommended! Cheers” ~ Ian

“Had my locking wheel nut replaced for a standard one and the gentleman was very polite. Very quick and efficient service for a very good price. Thanks a lot. :)” ~ Yuri

“A big thankyou to John and his excellent service .
I was removing the wheels for the first time since buying my car to service the brake on Saturday morning – BMW 1 series – I know the correct torque on these cars is 140 Nm (so quite high and very very tight) on attempting to remove the second locking wheel nut the end of the locking wheel nut snapped off (the key section) so I began googling for an answer after my local tyre specialist said that they get another garage to weld another nut on to remove the broken one or I could drill it out— I quickly came across John’s website , one quick call and I was on my way to Johns workshop – 30 mins later I was driving home , problem solved at a very reasonable price . I can highly recommend John and locking wheel nut removal service .” ~ Stephen

“I lost my locking wheel nut key, I called John and he is just great to deal with, brilliant friendly service, arrived early and got the job done fast with no damage. Excellent service from a real professional.” ~ Phil

“Had a flat tire and guess what!. Locking nut key missing. Emailed John Radcliffe and he responded within 10mins. He came out to the house in about 1hr removed all 4 locking nuts in under 20 mins and done. What else can you say?. Great Professional service even in the pouring rain. Highly recommended.” ~ UKMOB ShellDodging

“Pulled up and within 5 minutes all 3 of my locking nuts were removed. Replaced them with a new set I’d bought. However also offers a service to match the current nuts you have on the wheel if needed.” ~ ApokolipsUK

“I cannot speak highly enough for John and the service that he offers/provides.

When it was discovered that I could not locate my locking wheel nut for my Chrysler car I went into panic mode since I had driven the car throughout Europe and the UK without realising how vulnerable I had been. My Chrysler agency referred me to a local machinist whom they had used before. When he saw the nuts he started giving me all the possible options that he might have to take (which made me cringe). All the time he was talking hundreds of pounds as a starter and possible damage to my alloys. In addition he could not attempt this work for a couple of days.

As soon as I got home I googled and came up with John and Locking Wheel Nut Removal Service. He was so friendly and helpful on the phone and confident that he could remove the nuts within 10 minutes! He was also very cheap!

We drove to him the next morning and what a friendly and professional man he was. He also did exactly what it said on his tin and he had removed the nuts in smack on 10 minutes or less and without even a scratch or any damage to my alloys. I also could not believe how cheap it all was. Well worth the fuel and journey.

I cannot recommend John highly enough and when I reported back to my dealership they bit my hand off for his details. W from Cheltenham” ~ Wayne

“Excellent service. Needed my locking wheel nuts removing ASAP and John was able to fit me in pretty quickly. Removal of the bolts took no time at all and was very impressed with the quality of the job carried out. Quick professional service I’d recommend to anyone stuck in the same position as me!” ~ Chris

“Thank you so much for your swift and professional help. All four wheels sorted in 10 minutes. My local mechanic and the AA both broke tools and were unable to remove the locking wheel nuts. Another local tyre supplier didn’t even want to know…
Five stars don’t seem sufficient recommendation. Thanks again!” ~ Holly

“Removed locking wheel bolt that several other garages had failed with. John is also a very friendly chap and I was shocked how quick he was able to carry out the work.” ~ Steven

“Had John come out to remove all 4 locking nuts from my car today after a previous owner to my vehicle had stripped the teeth on the provided socket. John was prepared to come 50 minutes out of his way on a Mothersday evening no less and managed to remove all locking nuts within less than 10 minutes. To top it off he even stayed a while longer to help me fit my spare tire at no extra charge. If you find yourself in my situation please look no further.” ~ Jack

“Locking wheel nut key was snapped by Halfords who failed to remove two of the nuts after an hour trying. Ford main dealer also spent an hour trying and failing. Phoned up this company, was there half an hour later and the nuts were off in less than 5 min. Very professional and friendly service. 5 stars are not enough.” ~ Russel

“Having tried to remove a worn locking wheel nut myself and leaving it looking a complete mess I was feeling quite anxious driving the car. Finding this company online and quite local to work thought I’d give them a try. On the phone the owner John could not have been nicer and laid my concerns to rest, ensuring that they would be able to remove the worn lock nuts on my car. He was even able to fit me in that afternoon. Within an hour of arriving he had magically removed what I thought were impossibly damaged and tight nuts; all with a happy jovial mood. Would definitely recommend John and this company to anyone with wheel nut problems”

“After losing my locking wheel nut I took my Focus to a Ford dealer. They could not help ! Luckily I found this company on the internet, fortunately they were only 12 miles away. The locking nuts were removed within 10 minutes and replaced with standard nuts. I was soon on my way to get a tyre replaced prior to going on holiday. What a life saver. Very professional, clean premises and a fair price.” ~ Kevin

“A bit ‘time restricted’ before return to France and John fixed my rear wheel problems with no trouble at all. Quick service, good price, just what I needed. Can’t thank you enough and will make sure my family in the area know about you.” ~ Chris

“A very good and friendly service, i took my Jaguar xtype estate and he got my security wheel nuts off in no time where other garages had failed without the aid of the security tool usually used. I was very surprised for them to be open on a Sunday and very close to Birmingham City Centre. I would definitely recommend this garage to anyone .” ~ Tony

“An absolutely fantastic, friendly and efficient service!! Got a socket stuck on my locking wheel nut which was rounded trying to get it off. John arrived at the premisis within 10 Minutes, opened up shop, got the socket off within 2 Minutes, then proceeded to get the locking wheelnut off which took 4 Minutes!! I was stunned by how fast he was! I highly recommend these guys if you’re stuck in a pickle with locking wheelnuts! They’ll literally be off in minutes!” ~ Christopher

“I had damaged my key trying to remove an over tightened wheel nut, couldn’t find the code for a replacement…. John managed to remove all four locking nuts in under 10mins!! Great service, can’t recommend highly enough. Bob Berry (Vauxhall corsa)” ~ Bob

“I had spent 4 hours the previous day trying to remove the seized wheel nuts of my BMW 4 series, even broke off a 1/2 square drive breaker bar in the process, also tried a heavy duty impact gun…. John removed all 10 wheel nuts in an hour, no damage at all….Hero!” ~ Salvador

“Fantastic service would recommend this company. We had lost our key for our locking wheel nut. Found this company on the web phoned up John and despite being in Birmingham and we are in Bicester area Oxfordshire he came out straight away and was with us within the hour. Very nice man can not fault the service excellent. Thank you very much John.”  ~ Angela

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