7 Actions You Should Never Follow When You Lose a Locking Wheel Nut Key

In the grand scale of things, losing a locking wheel nut key has to be one of the most frustrating experiences you will ever encounter. This creates a huge headache as you suddenly realise you have no means of removing the alloy wheels from your car. Whether you have misplaced the locking wheel nut key or your car was never equipped with one in the first place, it’s unlikely you are going to be in the best of moods if you can’t find the locking nut key and you need to remove one or more wheels from your car.

When faced with this situation the outcome can be positive or a complete nightmare depending on which course of action you take.

On things is for sure, if you attempt any of these actions after you lose a locking wheel key the chances are you will only make the problem worse.

Ignore the situation

If you know you have lost the unlocking tool to your alloy wheel nuts don’t bury your head in the sand. Faced with this situation, it requires some type of action to prevent you being stranded at the side of the road in the event of a puncture. Ask yourself, do you really need the locking wheel nuts in the first place? It might be best to have them taken off now by a professional locking wheel nut removal service to prevent further complications in the future.

Attempt to remove the locking nut with a wrench

Okay, this is going to be one of the craziest things you could do if you manage to lose your locking wheel nut key. Don’t try to force the locking nuts off the wheel using a wrench or some other makeshift tool. The chances are you only cause additional damage to the locking nut and make it harder to remove. Plus, you will more than likely slip with the wrench and either scratch or take a chunk of metal out of your alloys ruining their appearance in the process.

Try to remove the wheel in an unsafe place

Even if you have a wheel nut removal key, you should never attempt to remove a wheel from your car in an unsafe place. Always attempt to pull over to a safe location away from busy traffic where possible to change the wheel. If you have a lost the lug key and you cannot remove the wheel, you might have to get the car recovered or call a mobile locking wheel nut removal service to come and assist you.

Accept advice from DIY mechanics

No matter what type of mechanical issue you have with your car, you will always know somebody who’s an amateur mechanic who thinks they know best and can fix any vehicular fault. Be very careful if you accept advice and help from somebody that doesn’t know what they are doing when it comes to removing locking wheel nuts. You will have no comeback if they damage your wheels or trash the head on the locking wheel nut. Always seek expert advice and call an experienced locking wheel nut removal expert.

Buy quick fix kits

There are many cheap and ineffective wheel nut removal kits on the market so you could be tempted to purchase one of them and have a go at removing the locking wheel nut yourself. Don’t waste your money. This is simply cash down the drain and there’s a genuine risk of seriously damaging your alloy wheels. Save the money and spend it on having the wheel nuts professionally removed instead.

Order replacement wheel nut keys

You could try to order a replacement wheel nut removal key online but how long will it take for this to arrive? Also, who’s to say the key will actually fit the locking nut, you will only find our once it arrives. And there’s the chance you might lose the key again in the future so you will be back at square one. Save time, effort and money. Spend the money on something else.

Book an inexperienced locking wheel nut removal service

If you are serious about getting your locking wheel nuts removed and want to book a company to do this for you, make sure they have experience in the industry. Check out their credentials and establish whether they are a reputable business or not. You can contact them and ask them how long they have been operating for or take a good look at their website and get a feel for the business this way.

Any reputable locking wheel nut removal business should be able to remove locking nuts with no damage to alloys 100% guaranteed. This is something we pledge here at Locking Wheelnut Removal Service in the West Midlands. Call us on 0121 733 1956 or 0777 6231952 and we’ll take care of your problem with same day appointments available.