Top Tips On How To Examine Your Tyres

 Around the UK the roads are getting worse, more potholes are popping up around the country. This is only one of the many factors which could be deteriorating your tyres, it is important that you check your tyres regularly. Not only for your safety but also for legal reasons, looking at them is easy and can help prevent any accidents from taking place. We’re going to give you a guide on what to look at when examining your tyres:

 Tread depth

Measuring your tread depth is very simple, there is a gauge available from shops that you can purchase. However, if you are unable to get one of these you can simply use the edge of a 20p coin, the coin should be able to easily fit within the thread.

In the UK there is a legal requirement for the tyre tread to be 1.6mm and this must be around 75 percent of the tyre however the government recommends that you change yours at 3mm to have your tyres working to their highest potential. Underinflated tyres will increase the chances of a road accident or a blowout.

The laws have been increased in recent years and they are getting tougher on tyre tread depth, there’s a potential fine of up to £10,000. £2,500 for each tyre and three points on your license onto of that!

 Tyre Pressure

Similar to the tread depth there is a gauge that find out the pressure of the tyres, simply put this gauge over the valve until there is no hissing sound. The measurements of the tyres currently will then be shown, compare this to the recommended and fill until they both are the same.

When looking at a tyre it doesn’t have to look flat to be under pressure. Checking your tyres at least once every two months and certainly, before long trips, failure to do this can result in lower breaking distance and shorten the lifespan of the tyres.

Check the condition of the tyres

Tyres need to be clean to give out the best results, regularly check the valve and the valve cap to make sure this is fitted. Sometimes you may find stone or sticks stuck between the tyres remove these and check the areas for any damage from them.

Wheel Alignment

If one of your tyres is worn on one edge this could be from poor wheel alignment, if this is the case it is best to get someone professional to take a look at it as it could be much worse.

Spare tyre

Even though its packed away your spare tyre still needs to be under the regulations as if you are required to use it, it is still under the same laws.

As you can see it is critical to regularly check your tyres, however if you are unsure about anything regarding your tyres or wheel nut removal contact us for a free quote or you can call us today on 01217331956 or 07776231952.