10 Questions You Have To Ask a Locking Wheel Nut Remover

Changing alloy wheels on a car should be a straightforward procedure as long as you have the right tools and can remove the wheel lugs with ease. This procedure is made slightly more difficult if the alloys are fitted with locking wheel nuts, it becomes impossible if you have lost the wheel lock key.
When faced with this situation it’s easy to feel alarmed. You wonder what steps to take next and search in vain for the locking wheel nut key. More often than not, this simple but essential item has been lost for good, and there’s no way on this earth you are going to be able to remove the locked lugs from your wheels.
At this stage, fear, panic and a feeling of queasiness might spread over you. Try to remain calm though and remember, no matter how bad the situation might seem there is a simple solution staring you in the face.
Call a professional locking wheel nut removal service!
Instead of trying to remove lugnuts without the correct tool, ask an expert to do this for you. Without professional help you are going to struggle, you might scuff, scrape or damage your alloys, and there’s a really good chance you will shear the thread on the locking nut, or damage the head causing further issues.
Remove this worry by asking an expert in lug nut removal to resolve the issue for you. This is the cheapest, quickest and most sensible option. Just make sure you ask a few preliminary questions first to ensure you receive the best possible service.
Here are 10 questions you definitely need to ask before you let anybody touch the locking wheel nuts on your car
1.) What is involved with the locking wheel nut removal?
It’s a good idea to have some type of insight before you let a total stranger loose on your expensive alloys. Don’t be frightened to ask the company who is providing the lug removal service what it is they plan to do. Ask them to talk you through the process step-by-step so you are fully aware of what’s involved, what is going to happen and how effective they are going to be. Any reliable lugnut service will be happy to provide this information and it’ll be plainly obvious they are passionate about what they do.
2.) Can you remove any type of locking wheel bolts?
This is quite a useful question to ask an expert wheelnut technician. Cars are different, and so are locking wheel nuts, there are many types out there made by different companies, from factory fitted nuts to aftermarket lugs. There’s no point hiring somebody who doesn’t have experience of working on different types of locking wheel nuts, so establish they have removed all kinds of wheelnuts from all makes of cars.
3.) Do you guarantee to remove the bolt without the wheel lock key?
Surely this is a given? Call a company that says they can remove any wheel bolt without the locking key and they should be true to their word. Believe it or not, some so called professional wheel nut removal services struggle to try to remove the very basic types of wheel nut locks. If they can’t promise to remove your wheel lugs and do so without damaging your wheels, don’t even consider hiring them.
4.) Will this cause any damage to my alloys?
You shouldn’t have to ask this really but it’s good for your own peace of mind. The safe removal of wheel nuts has to be without question, otherwise, there’s no point hiring the service in the first place. Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns, it’s up to the wheelnut removal technician to pacify you and provide you with specific guarantees.
5.) How long will the locking wheel nut removal take?
It’s always handy to know just how long it will take to remove a locking nut. This can depend on how tight the existing nut is, the style fitted, and if the nut has any damage to it. Although each customer is different it should be realistic to expect four wheel nuts to be removed in less than an hour.
6.) My lug nut key is lost and my wheel bolts are torqued really tight, can you help?
Locking wheel nuts are easy to over-tighten, especially if they have been fitted to the wheel and the hub using a workshop air gun. It’s understandable to feel concerned if you know your lugnuts are fixed tightly into place, so check if the removal service has experience of releasing the tightest locking nuts.
7.) What if you don’t have my type of wheel nut key combination?
Ask this question by all means, any proven wheelnut unlocking service should be able to remove a variety of nut key combinations. They’ll have the tight tool for the job and be able to remove your wheel nuts quickly, efficiently, and leave your wheels in exactly the same condition afterward.
8.) Should I bring the car to you to have the locked nut removed?
It might not be convenient to take your car to a garage to have the wheel nuts removed so find out if the company provides a mobile service for the convenience of their customers. This would allow you to have the wheels removed at a time to suit you, at your choice of location. Mobile wheelnut removal services are more flexible and they’re handy if you can’t get to them.
9.) What areas do you cover for locking wheel nut removals?
Establish the service area for the locking nut removal service. If they provide a mobile service do you fall within their catchment area, or will you have to take your car to them? Any doubts about this can easily be rectified with a quick question, just call them up and ask them which areas they cover as part of their lugnut removal service.
10.) How much will it cost?
The golden question! Never agree to have your locking wheelnuts removed without first establishing how much this is going to cost. If the company is anything like ours here at Locking Wheel Nut Removal Service in Birmingham, they should aim to provide a genuine, honest service at a very reasonable cost. Get a quote and see how affordable it can be to have your locking wheel nuts removed.
We’re here to answer any questions for you!

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