Designs and Features of Locking Wheels Nuts

Buy a car equipped with locking wheels nuts and the one thing you should establish is whether the vehicle also comes with a locking wheel nut key. Unfortunately, many motorists make a mistake when they buy a car equipped with alloy wheels. They love the look of the rims, appreciate the fact they are being protected with locking wheels nuts, but forget to ask the vehicle seller if they have the key to remove the lock nuts if this is required.
Can you imagine how frustrating this if you have a puncture and are stranded on the side of the road with no means of removing the offending wheel? It’ll be more than likely raining, you won’t be in the best of moods, and you’ll be stuck with a flat tyre, wondering which step to take next.
Calling a locking wheel nut removal service will be a sensible option at this point. At The Locking Wheel Removal Service, we regularly attend to stranded motorists that have lost their wheel nut key. It is our aim to remove lugs without causing damage to the wheel.
Losing a wheel nut key can happen to anybody. Some drivers suddenly realise the key wasn’t supplied with the vehicle. Others discover the locknuts have been over-tightened and are therefore damaged and hard to remove.
The misery of missing wheel lock keys
It’s no fun if you can’t find the key to your locking wheel nuts. Learning whether your car has locking wheel lugs is one thing, establishing whether there’s a key to unlock the lugs when you require tyres replacing or wheels refurbishing is something else.
Locking wheels nuts are useful security measures, they can also be a nightmare to remove if you don’t have the right tools and this is normally the moment when professional help is required.
The manufacturers of locking nuts design them to be as durable as possible and this is why it’s essential you have them professionally removed if you don’t have the correct tool. Learn a little about the construction of locking wheel nuts and you begin to realise just how rugged they actually are, and why they are so difficult to take off without the correct hex hey.
Features of locking wheel nut keys
Get to know the features of wheel locks to fully understand what makes them so impenetrable. Premium brand name manufacturers set a unique challenge to criminals. They make locking nuts tough to crack for thieves and this prevents expensive alloy wheels from being stolen.
How do they do this?
By paying close attention to the design and the construction of lug nuts, locking wheel nut manufacturers create security locking nuts equipped with all the following features.
1.) Hardened steel materials
Rugged, robust and designed to provide years of service, locking nuts are manufactured with the finest quality steel materials. By using hardened steel, this ensures the wheel locks have superior structural integrity, they are tough, hardened to cope with demanding applications, and offer the highest level of security once fitted to a wheel.
2.) Unique hex key sizes
Some of the leading wheel lock manufacturers design different hex key sizes which enable you to match the vehicle’s original nut wrench. This is fine in principle, it’s not so good if you have lost the hex key and need to replace it with a like-for-like item and aren’t sure which hex key you require. Faced with this situation, a reliable locking wheel nut removal service could be required.
3.) Specific groove key patterns
Compare the key designs of two different locking wheel nuts and you will notice how unique they are. Key patterns are generated by computers, they create many different types of patterns designed to thwart the efforts of key removal tools. Lose the key and without a replacement, you really need some type of professional assistance.
4.) Perfectly machined threads
Machined to meet exacting standards, premium quality wheel nuts are milled with high strength threads to exceed proof load standards. Try to force them off without knowing what you are doing and you could cause further damage to the wheels.
5.) Superior build-quality
Modern locking wheel nuts are designed to exceed quality standards of original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Factors like the bearing surface are given due consideration and locking wheel nuts are often designed to guarantee a precise and tight fit to the wheel.
It’s no wonder a locked wheel nut is hard to remove!
As you can see, a high degree of technical innovation goes into the construction of a locking wheel nut which goes some way to explaining why they are so difficult to remove without the right wheel lock key.
People wrongly assume there’s a simple method to removing a locked wheel nut without a key but this is simply not the truth. If you are faced with this predicament, can’t find the hex key, and really need the locking nut removed without damaging your alloy wheels, don’t struggle, just ask for professional help.
It’s not difficult to find locking wheel nut removal specialists and their services are more affordable than you might imagine.
Arranging a wheel nut removal is easier than you think
Look online for an experienced locking wheel nut remover and you will find expert solutions like our business here at Locking Wheel Nut Removal in Birmingham. Call for a free quote and you could have your lug nuts removed without fuss and without damaging your expensive alloy wheels.
For all enquiries, simply contact us today and leave a few details, or call 0121 733 1956 for a speedy and reliable service.