Top Ten Items Stolen From UK Cars

Locking wheel nuts are fitted to cars for one reason only, to protect alloy wheels from theft. Guarded by locking wheel nuts, you would think your alloy wheels are safe and secure but this simply isn’t true, criminals will still find a way to remove your wheels. Thieves are a determined and they like a challenge. If they like the look of your alloys and they are given the opportunity, you can kiss goodbye to the wheels.

Rather worryingly, removing locking wheel nuts without an approved key can seriously damage the alloys. The best solution if you need to remove a locking wheel nut and you don’t have the right key is to contact a wheel nut removal service who will be glad to assist.

This is something we specialise in here at Locking Wheel Nut Removal in Birmingham. Simply contact us for immediate assistance if you ever need our help and we’ll soon have those locking nuts removed.

Sadly, alloy wheels are just one item regularly stolen from vehicles, other features are just as desirable.  Below we list the top ten items stolen from cars in the UK as listed by car leasing company UK Car Line, be aware of these when you leave your car unattended.

Items Most Likely to Be Stolen From Your Car:

  • Car Radio – Audio Systems Stripped or Ripped Out
  • Shopping  – Bags of Shopping Left on View
  • Sat-Nav Systems – Quick to Steal and Easy to Sell
  • Mobile Phones – Always Popular on the Second-Hand Market
  • Items of Clothing & Shoes – Expensive Clothing and Footwear
  • Sunglasses – Designer Shades
  • Exterior Trim Such as Badges – Used as Replacement Parts
  • Wallets and Purses – Instant Access to Cash or Credit and Debit Cards
  • Wheels – Alloy Wheels are Valuable and Always in Demand
  • Number Plates – Can be used to Clone other Vehicles and Mask their Identity

Makes a worrying read doesn’t it? Theft from motor vehicles is a growing concern in the UK and some people make it easy for thieves to steal items from their cars. Windows and doors are left unlocked, expensive items are left on display inside, and cars are parked in remote areas giving thieves plenty of time to steal items without fear of being disturbed.

Think about this the next time you park your car up. Have you hidden the sat-nav away? Did you grab your phone from the centre console? Is it a good idea to put those bags of shopping in the boot?

Safeguarding your car against crime is a sensible precaution and by using a little common sense you can protect your pride and joy. Sadly, locking wheel nuts can often be more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to car security, as thieves smash the locks off causing damage to both the alloys and the exterior of the car.

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