Damaged Your Alloys Trying to Remove A Locking Wheel Nut? Do this!

Damaging an alloy wheel whilst trying to remove a locking wheel nut is one of the most frustrating experiences you will ever encounter as a car owner. The problem usually arises when you lose the wheel nut key and make amateurish attempts at a wheel removal, causing scratches, scuffs, or deeper types of damage.

Once the damage is done it’s too late. There are serious consequences for trying to remove the wheel nut and you will only realise this afterwards. Yes, you are trying to save money and time by attempting to remove the nut, but this usually has a knock-on effect, and you will be left trying to salvage the situation.

Trying to remove a locking wheel nut? What can possibly go wrong?

There are a number of things that could potentially go wrong if you attempt to remove a locking wheel nut without expert help. For starters, you could injure yourself if you try to force the wheel nuts from the alloys, skinning your knuckles, or causing bruising to your hands. Cuts and other abrasions are also a distinct possibility and don’t think a set of disposable technician gloves will protect you, as they can tear easily, exposing the skin underneath.

Physical damage to the alloy wheel is another distinct possibility, which can happen if you slip with a wrench or wheel lug whilst trying to force a locking wheel nut. All it takes is one slip and as soon as the lug makes contact with the surface of the wheel, the damage is done.
Plus, who’s to say you won’t round the head on the locking wheel nut, shear it or snap it, leaving the wheel still attached to the car with no physical means of removing it.

These are all realistic scenarios and they do happen to people who try to remove a locking wheel nut from a car and don’t have the necessary skills, tools, or experience to perform such a task.

What’s the solution?

Once the damage is done you still have choices to make. For starters, the immediate priority is to get the wheel nuts removed and if you have tried and failed to do this, get some help. There are plenty of professional wheel lug removal companies out there who can perform this type of service for you. Check around for a local locking wheel nut removal service and book an appointment to have the locking lug nuts removed.

If you live in the West Midlands you are in luck, we can offer you the highest level of service here at Locking Wheelnut Removal Service and you can contact us today to arrange an appointment at your home, work, or wherever you like, by calling 0777 6231952.

What happens next?

After you have removed the locking wheel nuts from your car this still leaves a major problem. If you have damaged the alloy wheels and they look unsightly, this is going to spoil the appearance of your rims, which has a detrimental effect on the car.

We suggest an alloy wheel refurbishment in this instance. You can arrange this through reputable services that restore the alloys to a new condition. Alloys can be fully restored to factory standards using mobile wheel refurbishment services that leave your wheels in excellent condition.

Prevent problems with Locking Wheel Nuts. Contact the experts!

Obviously, there are solutions to prevent you damaging the alloy wheels on your car. We can assist you removing any type of locking nuts here at Locking Wheelnut Removal Service and offer a mobile service throughout the Midlands for the convenience of our customers. Simply contact us and we will visit you with our expert mobile service and remove any type of locking wheel nut from any make or model of car without damaging your alloys. You can call us today for a FREE quote on 0121 733 1956 or 0777 623 1952 and leave the hard work to us!