Why Locking Wheel Nuts Break More Than You Can Ever Imagine

Take a quick look on the internet and you will find plenty of case studies where people have snapped locking wheel nuts when they have tried to remove them. This is not vehicle specific, the same problem seems to affect owners of all models of cars, with Subarus, Golf Gti’s, Fords and BMW’s 5 series just some of the vehicles where nuts have snapped as people tried to remove them.

Read through some of the forums on the subject and you will find plenty of disgruntled owners that have been inconvenienced with sheered or snapped locking nuts. In many instances, poor quality seems to be the main culprit, with a high number of vehicle owners claiming they have replaced their locking wheel nuts with dealer specification options, only for the same problem to occur again.

Locking wheel nuts fail – fact!

Over-tightening of wheel nuts is a common reason for the parts to fail. When tyres are replaced at a garage, the wheel nuts are usually removed with an airgun and replaced with the same tool, fastened into place using compressed air and tightened too much.

It’s only when you come to remove the nuts that you realise there’s a problem. They sometimes snap, which is both annoying and inconvenient, especially if this happens more than once. Which it does!

Don’t think this will never to you. If you take the time to read some of the comments found on website forums relating to locking wheel nut failures, you will discover plenty of examples where nuts have failed on more than one occasion, on the same vehicle. Imagine how you would feel if this happened to you, and how much it would cost to have to get the locking wheel nuts removed by somebody who knew what they were doing?

It makes you wonder, why people buy new locking wheel nuts when their old set has sheared, this is simply asking for trouble. Not only do you have to pay to have the old set removed you need to buy the new set, and then go through the whole process again when the parts snap under pressure.

These things break when locking wheel nuts snap:

The faith in your car

Nobody would blame you if you lost faith in the reliability of your car if a factory manufactured part such as a locking wheel nut failed under your ownership of the vehicle. You expect key parts like these to last for as long as you own the car, so it’s perfectly understandable if you feel a little aggrieved in the event of a locking wheel nut failure.

The bank

When the wheel nut snaps, it’s unlikely you will have the right tools to remove the broken part from the vehicle without damaging the alloy wheels. This is the job for a specialist, somebody that is knowledgeable about locking wheel nut removals, an expert that has the right tools for the job. Sure, it will cost you to have the wheel nuts professionally removed but this is money wisely spent. It’s certainly a whole lot cheaper than having to get your alloy wheels repaired and refurbished after you attempt a bodged wheel nut removal.

Your mind

It’s hard to think positive if you have ever experienced a snapped wheel nut firsthand. In the first initial moments, you wonder what you are going to do until sense prevails and you call an experienced locking wheel nut removal service. Yes, it’s annoying when a wheel nut snaps or shears, but try to remain positive knowing expert help is only a phone call away. Don’t lose your mind, try to remain calm and take some comfort knowing you can easily replace all of the locking wheel nuts so this problem never happens again.

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